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hi,i have just purchased a toshiba 42pw23p and am a bit worried about what the manual says about tv channels with any of you know roughly how long it takes before they start to burn on to the screen.apart from that the tv is great.many thanks for any help given.


No need for alarm...

It's true that if you left the TV on the same strong image for a period of time, you could burn that image into the tube permanently.

But for any normal household with changing channels and the TV only on a few hours at a time, it's very unlikely.

Video games can be offenders, because they tend to have fixed graphics.

You can sometimes see the effect in bank cash machines or in - for example - the monitors in our local railway station, which have the ScotRail logo burnt in permanently.

I would also be wary of the 4:3 setting over a long period of time, which could leave marks at the edge of the picture.

But the best advice is enjoy your TV, change the channel or image once or more a day and you should be OK.


hi, many thanks for your reply,i was really worried,we watch a lot of sky news and i was worried it would burn on to the screen.i am really pleased with the tv and the picture is excellent especially on dvd.


If you are watching channels with DOGS on, then best to turn the brightness and contrast down a bit as well. ;)


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DOGs are Digital Onscreen Graphics, logos such as Sky News uses. Out of the box, most TVs have the brightness and contrast levels set way too high. If you leave them high then there is a lot more risk of an image burning in.

A few other toshiba RP users have posted their settings here so you could do a search if you are interested in what other people use. Or you can get a setup disc and use that to adjust your TV to the best settings for you.

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