TV Link and SkyHD Box compatability


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A friend got Sky HD installed yesterday...he had Sky+ which is wired to two rooms and he could remotely switch the channels etc from the other rooms.
Since getting his HD box he tells me he is getting the signal okay in the other two rooms and the red led on the TV Link eyes are lit but his HD remote will not control the box which is downstairs from these rooms. He had no problem before.
Do you need a different TV Link from the standard Sky type for use with SkyHD?
Or does anyone have any other suggestions as to why it isn't working?


gangst said:
You need Sky HD remoted to control the Sky HD box via the TV link in different rooms.
re-read the thread carefully. JayCee has already said that his friend is using the HD remote from other rooms ! :oops:


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Try the remote from the original Sky+ box on the TV with the link, when I had HD installed my old remote would not work with the link but the remote I was using with the Sky+ box did


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I have tv in kitchen, office and shed-all are capable of receiving SKy-via
sky amplifier in roof. All are controlled by Magis eye.

With Sky + I never had any problem changing sky programmes on any of the sets.

Now with HD Box drives me mad. Last night none of the magic eye remotes would work. Tried switching off and on-no effect.

This morning all worked perfectly.

The sky HD & Sky Plus + remote both work perfectly but last night neither would have any effect

There is obviously a problem with the HD Box

Any suggestions.

:lease: :lease:

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