TV keeps turning itself off




Our 32" Phillips widescreen TV has stoped working correctly today.
Last night it was fine but today...

OK, what happens is, you plug it in and the Red Light (power indicator) lights up.
You power on the TV and the power indicator goes green and all is OK for a while. You can view the channels and everything seems OK. However, after about 10 seconds, the TV turns itself off, just as if you'd pressed the power off button on the remote ! The power indicator switches back to Red.

Has this ever happend to anyone before ?
Any suggestions ? Is it in need of repair ?

Its about a year and a half old.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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First (silly?) suggestion - ensure the power button on the remote isn't stuck down. Try taking the remote out of the room if you aren't sure.

If not - I fear a defect. You did say it was a Philips, didn't you?


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I had exactly the same on a Toshiba 36 TV just after the normal one year gaurantee was up (luckily I have a 5 year one)

Mine kepts going off after a few minutes for the first half hour or so. If it got past 30mins it was fine.

It turned out when the engineer came in that the problem was a dry solder joint. Once retinned it s been fine.



according to toshiba, their tvs turn themselves off automatically when they detect a fault, hence reducing the chance of more damage.

My tv did this and it turned out to have a faulty teletext board.

Maybe philips do the same.....


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My mother's Panasonic had the same fault except the screen would go green just for an instant before switching off. It went green most of the time before doing it but not all the time.

Anyway it was out of guarantee so I opened it up and checked all connections and pushed slightly on the circuitry at the end of the tube neck. I'd better add that I did this once it had been off for two days to avoid any high voltage residual current. Anyway the sets been perfect every since. From memory being a large 32" tv got quite a few knocks getting the huge cardboard box in the house. In fact at one point it was turned over to get it through the living room door. I suspect this action may have caused the tube circuit board to work free a little.

I always think its worth a visual inspection and checking of cables before calling out an engineer once its out of guarantee of course.


Thanks for the replies.

I thought of the remote being stuck so I tried with the batteries out :) and no luck :(

Hopefully its just something small but I've no clue so I'll be dropping it in to be looked at.

Its a Phillips alright.

Thanks again.

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