TV Keeps Dropping in and out since I bought Harmony One


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Hi All

Hoping someone can help me with this one.

I have the following setup

Harmony One
Samsung 40" LCD LE40A656
Sony STR DH810 AVR
Virgin HD Box (Scientific Atlanta)
Sumvision MKV Enclosure

While watching TV through the Virgin box last night the TV kept going on and off (black screen) for a second or two. This would happen every 4-5 minutes. I think it may be the AVR searching for a source but not sure. No sign of this before so figure it may be the Harmony.

I bought the Harmony One 3 days ago and the Setup seems fine. All buttons work and equipment functions as expected.

Just wondering if someone else has had the same problem and if you have a suggestion/solution.




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Unless you are using the Harmony when the dropouts occur then I can not see how it is to blame. All the Harmony does is use the same codes the original remotes used to operate the equipment. Once it has been used to turn on all the equipment it will sit there doing nothing until you press it again to turn the volume up etc. Assuming you are using all the same inputs etc. there nothing will have changed with the Harmony. Have any of the cables or equipment been disturbed (cleaned) etc. over the last few days? Could something have come loose at the back of the sources/TV?


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No change to the cables, only the addition of the remote. I might need to unplug all of the equipment and connect it up again, but hasn't caused a problem in the past...

The AVR automatically switches the audio to the dolby or LPCM dependant on if its HD or SD but dont think it would cause the TV to flash on and off?

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