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Jan 18, 2005
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One of the guys at work does a Xmas quiz every year and it's TV intros this year. I have most of them but a few are eluding me. Uploaded a video to Youtube with the track no./intro, if you have 5 mins to spare please take a look. I still need track nos - 7, 27, 31, 56, 60 and 87. Thanks for your time folks.
Crikey mate - not much to go on !

I think 7 is from 24 and 31 is from one or more of the modern Spartacus series (gods of the arena, war of the damned etc).

56 sounded very familiar like a 1980s show that i would have liked. tip of my tongue..

Please make sure you post answers.

Cheers for that my pie munching friend. The 24 sounds right, did the Spartacus thing on Youtube and can't find a match. Will get the answers after Xmas so will get back with them.
87 is Zoo. I recognise 56 and 60 too but can't place them.
31 sounds a little like The Last Kingdom.
60 is Gotham. I knew I'd get it eventually
Thanks again for your effort guys. Answers have to be in for tomorrow so will hang in another day.
Track 7 - Does not feel like 24, but is familiar, 24 doesn't seem right to me ... more like Falling Skies or Revolution
Track 31 - definitely sounds to me exactly like the "previously on" Spartacus music
Track 56 - Under The Dome
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OK, so I'll call back sometime tomorrow when you guys have duked it out for the definitive answer :thumbsdow No denying the guy who set the quiz likes his Sci-Fi.
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