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My parents currently have a Toshiba LCD (40L3453DB) where they can be watching something on the telly then it intermittently goes black, comes back after say 2 seconds, then 5/10 minutes later will do the same thing. This happens regardless of what source. Happened when watching Sky, I tried plugging a Playstation in to watch on Sky Go, it happens on both).

I have tried resetting the TV (unplugged, held power for 1 minute whilst plugging it back in etc.), however it keeps continuously happening.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before and can they recommend what they did to either fix the issue, or what the outcome was?


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Just a quick update on this, after changing HDMI cables, changing ports, resetting the TV, changing devices connected etc....

As a last resort (which I held no hope for having any impact what so ever), I changed the extension lead cable with a different one.

Since doing so the TV picture has not cut out once.

Hope this info helps anyone in the future if they experience something like this, as the most unlikely cause has seemed to of fixed the issue.


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If you’re talking about a mains power extension cable be aware it cannot cause intermittent loss of picture...I know you've stated the picture hasn't been lost since you replaced it but this is probably a red herring.
Loss of mains power for however short a period would cause complete loss of picture (and sound, which you made no mention of, you only stated the screen going black) and when it's restored the TV would be in standby mode.


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See, with the job I do I would 100% agree with that, HOWEVER......

The TV was cutting out intermittently for I would say nearly 2 weeks straight, every 5-10 minutes. Me changing all sorts of cables, ports, devices etc.. none of that fixed it.

The minute I changed the extension cable it has not happened once since. It has been 3 days now and not a single drop out.

Now obviously we will see how it goes, but I thought I would post the outcome (however unlikely the fix would appear to be) here just in case people experience this in the future.

Changing the extension cable has fixed the issue.
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