TV in the South of Ireland


I have someone from the south interested in my panasonic 32PL1 tv..... we have a question though. Is this tv going to work ok? Are there any issues related to tuner?

many thanks



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Don't see why not. Ireland as a whole uses the PAL-I TV standard which is the same for the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong.
Just to clarify, the other PAL systems used in Europe/Worldwide are PAL-BG [Majority of European countries], PAL-DK [Mainland China and North Korea, PAL-M [Brazil] and PAL-N [Majority of South American countries.
As for frequencies, because of the same TV standard used, the TV would tune into whatever channels are available in the country [ie Ireland] it is being used in.


There is the UHF/VHF issue.... I dont know if the reciever is limited. Ideally someone with this TV down south could tell me it works! :D Or alternatively someone could point me to the tuner specs so i know if it has the necessary range.

I need to be sure of this since it is totally unfair to sell a tv to someone on the guess that it will work. I see it highly unlikely that it wont, but I cant go confirming it will work if im not sure!

many thanks for the help



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Hi Ad

Yes, I think you are right to be cautious ... Many TVs and videos which are available in the UK cannot be used in Ireland because of the analogue tuner frequency issue.

For example, none of the Panasonic plasma tuner boxes or Combi HDD/DVDR units are distributed in Ireland, because they use different frequencies from the Irish VHF / UHF bands.

The following link is to ntl's Irish website, and tabulates the particular frequencies used in its analogue cable regions :-

If your potential buyer is not an ntl customer, then maybe he could check with his supplier for an equivalent table.

Hope this helps


Hmmm..... who would know whether my specific tv can work down south? Panasonic Ireland?



It would depend on the buyer in Ireland. Much of Ireland is now using UHF for the four terrestrial channels, however some areas still use VHF for RTÉ1 and Network 2.

Check with the buyer to see if they are on UHF only or on UHF and VHF. If their current TV displays the frequencies as numbers then anything between CH21 and CH69 will be fine on a UK TV. If their RTÉ 1 is not within this range then they will have problems.

As has been mentioned, analogue cable will probably not work as I think NTL make use of the UHF and VHF frequencies.

If the buyer is going to be viewing TV via Sky digital then they will have no problems using your TV.


unfortunately im going through a 3rd party about this, it doesnt sound like the buyer is any more knowledgeable about this than I, so Im not sure he could answer the questions posed above..... which means it really would be unfair of me to sell him the set unless he accepts the issues, which just wont happen! :(


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