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TV help


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Hope someone can help me here and hope I've put this in the right topic.
Here goes, I'm not that all clued up on tv's and went out and bought a led tv which looked really nice in the shop and looked really good picture wise when watching normal tv programs on, however when playing FIFA 12 I noticed every time I was doing something fast like running or passing the screen would blur up for a second.
I asked someone about this and they said it's because it was a 50hz tv? I've now took the tv back and thinking of buying a different one.
So I'm hoping someone can help me with this hz stuff? I've heard it needs to be 60hz? Is that the minimum it has to be? What would happen if I bought one that was 100hz?
Also I'll be playing other games on my ps3 other than just FIFA so are they 60hz minmum?

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I play games on mine @ 50 Hertz (X-Box) 60 Hertz (PS3) and when I do I use the game mode Pre Set on my TV, this helps to reduce/stop Lag/Latency which was what you were experiencing. If you get another set make sure it has a Game Mode, Have a look in the PS3 Video output settings, I'm sure you can select 60 Hertz output but it won't stop Lag/Latency on it's own . Note, low end LED/LCD sets tend to be worse for Lag/Latency than equivalent Plasmas, and you have to be careful with image retention on Plasmas.
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Lag is something different, you're talking about ghosting.

It's basically a property of LCDs and some panels will be better than others, you may be sensitive to it or have a worse than average screen. Higher refresh rates (hz) can apparently help as well, although 60hz isn't likely to make much difference. I'd test fast motion on a variety of TVs and decide.

p.s. make sure any motion blur effects are off in FIFA 12, obviously you'll never get rid of it by changing TVs if the game is doing it deliberately.

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