TV help needed 28inch widescreen probs



Hi all I'm new to the forum so go easy please. I have searched the forums b4 posting aswell!

The problm is I know nothing about tv's but have definately decided on a 28" flat screen.

Things like 50hz, 100hz I dont know whether the 100mhz is worth paying extra for. Is my current normal tv 50hz? if so then that is fine.

Extended warranties........are they worth the extra £'s?

Finally my shortlist so far of 50hz is the philips 28pw6515, toshiba 28z23b....I'm looking for sub £500 and open to other suggestions
If you can afford 100hz then for extended warranties ...the Goverment is reviewing how they are sold plus if effective and cost worthy.

i ve bought 2 tv's frm George Henry Lee's in Liverpool now John Lewis's..both were £100-£50 cheaper than certain big ..FREE 5YEAR PARTS/LABOUR..FREE!!!..

Comet wantd £309 for 5yrs on a Sony 32 wide tv
On the 100Hz vs. 50Hz issue, as Kash said, 100Hz is a good option if you can afford it. Your existing TV is likely to be a 50Hz model. As screens get bigger the flicker that is inherent to 50Hz TVs becomes more apparent. 100Hz TVs (which update the picture 100 times a second) do not suffer from flicker at all.

Extended warranties can be useful, however I suggest you steer clear from those offered "in-store". If you buy you TV from John Lewis you get a free 5 year warranty, which is fantastic. Otherwise you can get good cover at reasonable rates from Domestic & General. This is the insurance company most manufacturers use when offering warranties under their own brand name.

Have a look at to search for TVs within your criteria.

Good luck :)
Thanks guys been on to John lewis and they have a Philips 6506 with 5 years for a tad under £600.

Anyone know about this set as I cant find much info abou tit at all?

thanks in advance

The 32 incher 6506 was reviewed in What Hifi Sound and Vision, Feb 2003 issue. They gave it 4 stars out of 5 saying that the picture was a bit soft and not that brilliant from analogue rf input. The sound was considered very good. They reckoned it wasn't quite as good as the Tosh Z23 and should be a couple of hundred pounds cheaper.

John Lewis are selling the 28 for 519 now which is not bad considering you get the stand and a five year warranty. However I have seen it avertised in the same magazine from what looks like a non internet shop in London for £369. What you could do is try to get JL to pricematch the London shop and get the 5 year warranty.

The same magazine have the Samsung WS-2864NS listed as tested in the Jan 03 issue with 4.5 stars and this TV can be found in JL for £399.


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