tv help do i need 1080p


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thinking of buying a tv above 46" and have a budget of £700
it must have 5 years gaurentee

do i need 1080p
i have no blueray or games console
just have virgin hd
mainly used for day to day tv and movies

is a plasma better or lcd

thinking of getting the lg 50pq3000

am i making the right choice

is screen burn an issue


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Unless you're going to play HD console games, watch blu-ray or HD PC content you don't need 1080p. Having said that pretty much all TV's 46" and above come with 1080p as standard these days.

Whether a plasma or LCD is better is very much subjective. I would say if you can get a good quality 720p plasma that would be your best bet as they suffer less from motion blur, have better blacks, a more realistic looking picture and in general display SD content better.

Screen burn is not an issue these days unless you have the same image displayed for lenghty periods of time.

I think getting a 46" LCD for £700 may be difficult especially a good quality one. However getting a 720p HD ready Plasma may be doable.


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You don't need 1080p, you will find that most LCDs at this size are though, although possibly not in your price range. I would say that the 50PQ3000 is the best set you will find for the money though. With plasma you will get richer and more natural colours, better motion handling, better SD picture (although that shouldn't be an issue as the V+ box will upscale everything) and deeper black levels. LCDs are catching up in all of these areas, especially blacks and motion, but I haven't seen an LCD which matches an eqiuvalently priced plasma yet.

I would doubt that you will have an issue with screen burn, unless you spend hours watching the news channels (or anyother channels) with very bright logos which remain on screen, things like the red button can be removed so bare that in mind. You may get some image retention, particularly after watching a movie the black bars will probably appear to faintly stay there, but this will dissapear in seconds. Bright channel logos like the ITV 2, 3 and 4 logos may also be retained, but most logos dissapear during ad breaks, this gives the TV enough time to wash away at least most of any image retention so it never gets too bad.

To be safe it would be a good idea to lower the contrast and colour settings in the first 200 hours or so as this is when it's most prone to the problem. Alternatively you could see if there is a Panasonic model going for a similar price as Panasonics are more resistant to the problem, the P50C10 would be the one to look at, although I'm unsure whether it'll match the LG in picture quality, I'm sure it will be a close call though.

EDIT: you may want to post in the plasma forums for more information on burn in (or do a search on there) or for more information on the specific plasma models you're looking at


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Doesn't even come close to the PQ3000, it's also from last years LCD range which, despite giving good value for money, didn't match their plasma range for quality

in what way

please explain
as much detail as possible please


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The motion handling, black levels and colours aren't as good (particularly black levels), viewing angles aren't as good and SD isn't as good (although that shouldn't prove to be a huge issue with you). The black levels though are terrible in comparison to the PQ3000, you will miss the deep blacks when you're watching movies. I stress my earlier point that, in my opinion, you will not find a TV with equal picture quality to the PQ3000 for the same price, except for maybe the Panasonic P50C10 when it becomes more widely available. However, get an LCD if the room is very bright when you do all your watching (very bright)

EDIT: I've just done a quick search and I would say that your best LCD bet would be this - but again, not a match for the PQ3000 in my opinion
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In your case you DEFINITELY DON'T need, nor do you want 1080p. Do yourself a favour and buy an HD ready Panasonic Plasma and save yourself money as well as buying a top notch HD TV.


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^^^ echo that. Look at Richer Sounds and you can get a 5 year warranty for a very reasonable extra 10% of the purchase price

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