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Can someone please help!?!? :lease: :lease:

I want to buy a TV for my boyfriend for Christmas! He will probably use it to play his Xbox and nothing else...i dont know which one to buy and where to start.

My budget is about £200 - 400

Any suggestions?



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Not really in plasma territory with this budget, i'll move your thread to crt's.


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Unsure if I am the right person to comment as I haven't gone down the High Def route yet, but I assume you are trying to get him a HD set to make the most of the XBox360?

If so, and you want a decent sized TV then this one is above your budget:

But bear in mind it is an old style CRT set (ie one with a tube - although it is slimmer than the usual ones I believe).

If it must be within your budget, and you want HD, then you will have to go for a much smaller screen size.

Try Currys/Dixons/Comet/PCWorld etc. For example, using Currys website you can go into televisions, then LCD & Plasma, then set your min and max that you are willing to spend. Using this the cheapest HD LCD is a Goodmans 20" at £279.99. If you want widescreen you can also get a Goodmans 19" for £299.99 - but these will be quite small.

Just under your budget, all at £399.99, there are a number of slightly bigger screen. You can get a 30" widescreen from Goodmans (non HD) or go slightly smaller and get a 27" HD widescreen LCD from wither Lexsor or Pentus for the same price.

If you order online you can look for some voucher codes to get some money off or free delivery when checking out.

Hope this helps.


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ALternatively, try out - they have a decent range of LCD/plasmas inc HD ones at decent enough prices.

Unsure if they do free delivery for items so big though?


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Personally, for that money, I'd go down the route of a good quality TFT PC monitor, if it's going to be used for nothing but the 360.

Then just buy a VGA cable, or use component if you get something like the ASUS PW201 (Which could also be used as TV thanks to it's array of inputs), although I, amongst many, prefer the VGA quality over component.

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