TV for Living room - size and model suggestions


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Hi all.

We are redecorating our living room space.

Dimensions are:

------------4 metres Wall 1------------
- x
_--------------4 metres------------------

The X's mark where an L shaped sofa sits 2.9m in each direction (image not to scale!).

The TV will go on 'Wall 1' and will have a 3 metre unit under it all centered on the wall

The L shaped couch will start approximately 2.6 metres from Wall 1 and cushion height sits about 48cm off the ground.

Which models do you suggest for the given space and distances?

We are thinking a larger 65" or 75" OLED but would like to investigate specific models and understand if our space is big enough, to make these sizes comfortable for viewing. In my games room we recently bought a LG OLED55CX6LA which we absolutely love, so if a brand was to be preferred it would likely be LG for OLED given the research on this other unit (also from this fantastic community - double nod of thanks again!)

Uses: Movies & TV mostly - If I am lucky - PS5 and various other consoles!
Sound: Planning a Sonos ARC under the TV on a stand and 2 sonos play ones left and right of the sofa space at the back.
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First things first, you'll have to figure out the kind of viewing angles you'll want from a TV before narrowing down models. For example, there's a good chance if you are wanting the picture quality to be good from the tightest angles of your L shape sofa as the front then you'll likely want to go OLED. However if its not important how the TV looks at that tight angle, then instead you could consider an LCD TV instead which are a lot cheaper the further up the sizes you go.


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Hi @Dodgexander

Viewing angles are important and we appreciate the quality difference on OLED. Given that what would your suggestions be on both sides of the fence, LCD and OLED?


In that case definitely consider an OLED like the CX. Try to look for 2020-21 stock at a discount, as right now 2021-22 models remain expensive.

There are LCD TVs that also have wide viewing angle filters which will look better off axis that normal LCD TVs will, this would be a path to a bigger TV for less money, but viewing angles will probably suffer quite a bit in your tightest viewing position. It will depend on what kind of angle it is. 30-40 degrees from the far side of the TV you may be ok, any more than that then you really want an OLED.


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I've got a 65" in a 5*5 room with an L shaped sofa in the middle of the room. 65 is a good size, but wouldn't turn down a 77"....

The room is tv centric though.


TY @Hixs that gives me some kind of confidence!

@Dodgexander when you say 'cx' do you mean something like : OLED77CX6LA -- or is there a specific model you can give me from the 2020 range?
Yes, the CX has many guises, many different model numbers for the same TV. If it has CX in, its correct.

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