Question TV for bedroom on a budget - 32' - 43'


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I'm currently looking for a tv for the bedroom basically for the purpose of watching sky q and using chromecast.

Requirements are a decent picture in full hd and if possible have smart functions.

Budget is a maximum of £350.

Seen this one in argos and was wondering has anyone any experience of it or any recommendations in that price range.

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Really hard to know which is better when it comes to very low budgets. Reviews on cheaper models are nonexistent which makes it really hard to know details about each TV. I once saw a Samsung 40K5500 on eBay going for £300 so something similar to that is likely going to be the best you can get.

I really wouldn't worry about UHD on such a small TV. You will need to view uncomfortably close for it to be worthwhile really.


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Thank for that.

Would this TV be worth the extra £50 -

Hisense N5700 TV | Hisense UK

Richer Sounds have it for £399 with 6 year warranty.

I take it the HDR facility is a waste of time when I won't be watching 4K content.

Is it worth it even on the basis of the extra warranty.


I really don't know anything about the Hisense. It could be good for the money or it could be bad. Last years M3300/M3000 was hit or miss. In terms of value per screen size its the best though.

Other options would be the Samsung 40MU6100,40MU6400, 40M5000, 43M5500 and 40EX600 or 40EX700 Panasonic.

Go demo some SD material on UHD TVs and see what you think of its quality compared to a FHD model. I personally find it terrible!

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