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Hi all,

Currently game on a cheapo 28" 4K monitor. It's fine, actually quite happy with it for what I paid (brand is Electriq). Do find I need to get quite close to the screen to make the difference from 1080p to 4K obvious, so maybe a bigger screen would show off the graphics more?

My bedroom TV is way overdue a replacement. It's a 50" Samsung Plasma with lots of image retention and is only 720p HD.

So fancy killing two birds with one stone.

Only thing is, since it's for the bedroom I don't want to spend a fortune, and also I want a screen that is known to work fine and play well with PC gaming (I believe input lag is an issue?).

So, does anyone have a TV they would recommend? I did use a TV as a monitor about 15 years ago and recall it being a right pain, I'm hoping modern screens are geared more towards being connected to PC equipment than they were back then!!

I'm probably wanting to stick at a maximum of 55" as have 65" in the front room and think that it would look ridiculous (or awesome?) having one that big in the bedroom :)


All TVs have low input lag now, all will accept 4k 60hz no problem. For 4k120hz though you'll need to look at more expensive models running HDMI 2.1.

You could try to pick up a Samsung Q90T/Q95T from 2020 ranges, they may be sold out, but there could be some open box deals around. Otherwise there's the Q80T but that model has worse HDR picture quality and narrow viewing angles. The Q85T sits between the two, with better viewing angles, but worse HDR.

On the subject of HDR, that's a lot of what you buy in nowadays, TVs have long surpassed the ability to display SDR signals, so the difference mainly now between a cheaper TV and a more expensive one is how it can display HDR...the cheaper ones are best avoided due to issues with the picture when using HDR, so its hard to recommend those for any kind of future proofing.


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Awesome! Not too fussed about high refresh - it is nice (had it in the past on a 3D Vision monitor) but since I just play solo and more adventure type games I'll be fine at 4K / 60hz.

Also not that fussed by HDR, never really seen it in action, my main TV probably does support it as it was a good model back when I bought it 3 years ago, but not something I feel I'd be missing out on.

Appreciate the input, thanks :)


- I dont want the tv monitor to normally show up as a monitor on the computer when using the pc normally. Should I do some sort of KVM switch to switch to the tv and a new mouse/keyboard when wanting to the us the TV to game? How would I remotely switch the KVM from the bedroom?
Could you explain why? You will not be forced to use the TV as a monitor, even if it shows up. It can simply be enabled/disabled as you wish by the computer.

I think you may be better using an Nvidia shield for remote gaming with the TV. Long HDMI cables can cause issues, and those that don't have issues over long distances have to be powered. It wasn't so bad pre 4k, but since the signal of 4k is a lot larger, the distance you can use a cable without power is smaller. To sucesfully do it over a longer distance you'll need a powered sender which will need to support 4k and add extra cost and complications to your chain.


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Ended up talking myself into a lower end Samsung, a Q65T in 65". Bigger than I'd planned but sod it, it's the man cave and a prime example of why I shouldn't buy things at 1am :D

Price seemed fair (£629 new direct from Samsung and next day delivery).

Also have a stand on wheels coming, so that'll be fun! The den isn't even ready yet but this way I can use it in my current room and hopefully wheel it out and into the den / man-cave when complete. If not it'll just lift off the stand and have to be carried.


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... cancelled the stand as realised I've got a large old dining table I could disassemble and put in the den, and since it's going in there I've had a tidy up and done a bit of DIY, put up a new curtain pole and some blackout eyelet curtains. Also got a slot machine I'm building in there, as well as an arcade cabinet (just a bartop) I made earlier in the year.

At some point I'll move in there and sort this bedroom out - needs totally gutting (fitted furniture out, wallpaper off, sanding and painting, skirting board installing, mould removal from coving and artex ceiling)... Keep putting it off!
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