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So i recently moved into my new house. The lounge 17ft x 15. First priority was to rip out the current black TV media unit.

Started with 3 alcoves in wall, 1 TV and 2 for sides. I wanted originally to fund a dolby atmos system but funds did not permit with other house work....


This was made from a steel framework, and the front was attached via plasterboard with hundreds of screws and black tiles stuck to the front.

A very messy job to remove , knocked out the tiles and then unscrew, and man handle the steel framework out.

Dust everywhere and man hours to rip out the steel.


All removed


Once all ripped out it was time to re-baton the wall. I needed the wall forward a further 3CM to allow the TV 70" Hisense to sit flush inside.


Once framework done


Decided to leave the bottom how it was to give us something to screw into for attaching units i need to and also its dead space behind units.

Now time to plaster board it up.


Once this was up, needed to get it all plastered ( got someone in) . Then made the holes for soundbar and painted it all up.

Got the TV mounted in and started to pre -assemble my units. Wanted a high white gloss unit all across room (boxed in either side) and frosted tempered glass ontop.

Then after painting room and fishing cables for every socket possible inc cat 6, hdmi etc, put the units together and tested to make sure system was working. (naturally a ps4 break was in order).


So at this point i made custom ends for my units, cutting to shape / removing skirt and moving my power socket behind that stud wall .

I then attempted to cut holes in my units for uplighters / spotlights which in my head would dispurse light into frosted glass to glow it all up but it just ended up creating coloured circles. I purchased some philips strip lights and stuffed along back. I am not happy with this, i need to re-think the lighting but im now taking a few days rest!



I need to buy another door from ikea as used it for the ends (hence the gap) and fix the lighting like i said.

what you think?? Better ?

I need some ideas how i can better make my frosted white glass glow rather than seeing lights. I have hue lights controlled by alexa etc. Ideally from within cabinet i wanted lights to shine up to glow the glass rather than strips around edge.

Appreciate feedback ill try get some better pics.


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Have you placed the lights on the edge of the glass? If you look at the LED panels that are in a lot of shops now the strip goes along all 4 sides and then the diffuser is placed on top giving the effect that the panel is lit when it is only the 4 sides


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tbh i have just slapped it on the wall facing the unit not with a diffuser, I need to find a UK diffuser and then re-mount. Have to check the sizes of the philips hue strips.

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