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TV - DVD RW - Sky Connection


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really hope someone can help.... please like I'm 6 coz I'm not that good at this, a friend set it up, but it didn't work and they told me to "mess about with it":eek:
I have the following
TV - Sony Bravia 3 LCD - 2 scarts
Goodmans - DVD Recorder - GDVD303RW - 2 scarts
I had the following, Sky / watching DVD & Sky Recording all worked - but loading blank DVD the LCD on the DVD shows "Scart Vid" - no picture - green / yellow screen
TV - Scart 1 to Sky Scart TV
TV - Scart 2 to DVD Scart Out
DVD - Scart In to Sky Scart VCR
Sat disk to Sky
Cable (not sure of technical name) TV to DVD
Please can someone tell me what to change before I throw it out the door, or it blow up:lease:

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Check whether the DVD is outputtting RGB signal on the Scart to the Sony because the Sony may only accept RGB on Scart #1. Swap the Scats on the TV and see if the DVD output displays. I presume you have Sky+ set to output RGB?

Depending what you have may require a slight re-routing of Scarts to get everything to work with the best possible quality of picture. But it depends on whether the DVD can pass-through RGB signals and record RGB signals. Let us know how you get on with the swapping of cables first!


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Thanks for the response. What is RGB (just so I learn something) and how would I check if it's outputting?

I tried swopping the cables, but lost the DVD, then realised I'd taken out the third scart:facepalm:
So, have replaced and set up as you suggested:
TV1 to DVD out
TV2 to Sky TV
DVD in to Sky VCR
I now have Sky and DVD and I am recording my first programme.:clap:

Thanks again for taking the time to help a TV / DVD newbie - give me a PC and I can set up / network etc, but this was my first attempt at the TV side.

I may get the courage to get the surroud sound out of the box and attempt that in the future... but not yet:)

Thanks again



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Hi Chris
Thanks for the info, so if I understood it right, it means better picture quality.

I've managed to record my first disc off Sky and can now clear off some of the series I was saving.

Now I have to work out how to change the record quality (but the instructions seem clear) and I'll be able to fall asleep in bed instead of on the sofa!!

Also means I can take some films when I visit my parents as we have very different ideas of relaxing TV.

Thanks again for the help, I'm off to record the next part



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Hi Again

All was going sooo well. Recorded 20+ episodes of the series and a few films. Then a couple wouldn't record and I put it down to doggy disk (even though brand new pack).
Yesterday, I put in a "tester disk" I've been using to try different ways of pausing / effect of fw on recording etc and it said "No Recordings". There are about 6 or 7 different bits on it, I've watched them. But they are now gone!:eek:

Thought it might be the scart leads as they were old ones, so I bought some new ones. I replace them one at a time so as not to mix up the settings. They are all fully in.
Now AV1 has lost tuning, shaking picture. It won't record anything, but it will play a purchased DVD.

Is it dead, or can I try something new? :(

Alternatively, is it possible to copy onto a PC / Mac and burn from there? I only want it to keep the series and some films for when there is nothing on.

Any help gratefully received


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