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I've recently switched to TV Drive from Sky+ and I'm encountering numerous bugs and would like to know if they are known common issues or if their's anything I can do to fix them.

1. Slow remote response with the TV Guide and menus, often taking a second or more for the cursor to move.

2. When adding a new recording by catergory it takes 3 minutes before the list of programmes appear.

3. Record Series. Specifcally X-Factor & Prehistoric Park on ITV on Saturday. I added both of these to record the whole series and both succesfully recorded last saturday but neither have added the next programmes yet. In fact, when I look at the TV Guide for next saturday there isn't even a record series option for these.

4. "Unknown" planned series: "Love Island" appears as "Unknown" in the planned series list and although I can cancel the individual episodes I cannot cancel the series itself.

5. Black rectangle: If I press the "TV Drive" button whilst watching a recorded programme, live TV comes on instead of the "TV Drive" menu and a black rectangle appears in the bottom left of the screen and I have to press the "TV Drive" button again to bring the menu up and then the black square disappears.

6. Incorrect Clash (!) icon. Both Eastenders & Coronation Street have this icon showing next to today's planned recording despite nothing else planned at the same time.
Edit: I removed these episodes and added them again and the clash icon has gone.

7. "This Channel is currently off air" message appears about 2 or 3 times a day whilst watching a live broadcast.

Any feedback would be most welcome, thanks.


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Yep, all common issues. I have all of those.

Incidentally the recording clash only happens when you use the series link. It's a side effect along with the TVDrive recording 2 copies of the same program. Delete the series link and tag the programs manually and it works fine. Don't delete the series link then readd it because the recording clash just moves to the next item in the list.

I think Telewest's beta testers are all blind.


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More problems....

8. Eastenders was planned to record today but it is now nowhere to be seen on the planner.

9. Love Island is supposed to be recording as I'm typing and is highlighted red in the TV Guide but it doesn't appear in the recorded programme list and no red recording light is shown on the display on the box.

I've just about had enough of this garbage (and I'm not just talking about Love Island) and am seriously considering returning to Sky+ because at least I could rely on it to record programmes, the primary purpose of these PVRs.


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/shrug I've not had any major issues with mine since january back in beta test.

1) This only happens when you first come out of sleep or standby, as the drives are spinning up, other than that it's fine.

2) This has always been like this, and as such i don't use it as a function, but it's not a big issue.

I've never noticed any of your other issues. I've not had a missed series record for 6 months now.

The only true faults i still have are the pin faults on movies 9/10, which i suspect are sky deliberatly messing with pin protection to mess up TW's system. I occasionally have skipping on E4, no idea what causes this.


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[email protected], only some of these are because of faulty boxes. So many people are getting the same issue, it's just as much to do with the software.

New issue for me, a series link of Prehistoric Park on ITV on saturdays was fine until today. Now it says there are no more episodes to record, despite the next one clearly showing on Saturday.

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