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TV DRIVE: Remote



Guys I currently use Sky+ and this outputs into two rooms: (1) a projector in the room the box is in, and (2) wirelessly, using a Philips SBC VL 1400 to transmit the signal to a second TV. The set up works well, particularly as I can use the Sky remote in the spare room, and it transmits the remote signal back via the Phillips wireless box to the Sky + box.

I understood there were some issues with using this Phillips wireless box with NTL/Telewest devices.

I have found that the TVDRIVE remote is IR and not IRDA - I'm not sure what this actually means - does it mean I will not be able to operate the TVDRIVE box from a second room with the TVDRIVE controller through the wireless Phillips box?

Help is greatly appreciated!


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The normal Telewest remote uses IRDA, I guess the TV drive would be similar, it was originally used to allow date/time stamping so that for example 4 controllers could be used simultaneously when playing an interactive game, first to press wins etc.

I use a digieye send with an IRDA extender on to send the picture upstairs, it took ages to develop, I'm not sure there are too many IRDA senders around even now but try this link:



Hi all, thanks for the input -

MAW said:
If it's IRDA that means you can't use the Philips box. There are a couple of possible solutions instead, try Keene and Lektropacks sites.

I made a typing mistake, I read it is actually IR and not IRDA - does that mean it will work with the Phillips wireless device i.e. is Sky+ IR and not IRDA?


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IIRC Sky + and Cable use IRDA (which is why they require special remotes to work).
I was under the impression that the new TVDrive uses IR not IRDA (so I can use my Logitech 885 without having to shell out £30 for a Red eye adaptor.
The new remotes should work just fne with the Philips wireless senders.


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