TV-Drive HDMI problem


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I have lost live tv signal using HDMI.At first it was intermitent but now permenantly gone.However i have sound and can access the Home menu etc.
My indian friend on the help line has assured me i only need a new HDMI cable and one should be winging its way here as i type.
My question is : Does an HDMI lead have seperate conductors for the TV signal and the menu display signals ?
If not then i guess a new lead isnt going to solve my problem,however if this is the case i may just go and by a lead rather than wait.
So any ideas ? HDMI lead or is it the TV-Drive causing the problem.

Thanks for any views you may have.


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Sounds very similar to a problem I've had a couple of times (both needing new boxes)The HDMI socket on the V+ box is/was very flimsy and,like you,I kept loosing the picture,intermittently at first and then it went altogether.This happened with two boxes,I'm now on my third and have been for a few months so it's looking good.
Don't be surprised if your new lead doesn't fix the fault.You may need a new box.


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Try unplugging and re-plugging both ends.

Did that, not easy with the panel being wall mounted.Powered down box down for an hour as well and pictures back and still on for a record 30 mins so far!
It was powered down all last night and wasnt cured.So maybe swapping the lead around has made the difference.

Thanks for both repiles ,i will report back if it goes down again.
Just hope it stays on for the HD footy tomorrow :rolleyes:

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most likely a hdcp handshaking problem between your tv and cable box by removing the cable and sticking it back in again it re set the connection this would explain why you could see menus but no tv

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