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Is it just me but when i have stacked up a number of recordings , say 3 up to dump to a connected dvd recorder , the function only runs the first recording on the list and then just stops there leaving it to run on no picture and live tv sound. I have looked over the internet and this forum and have found no there users with this issue???


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I have exactly the same problem with my Panasonic EX85. I have e-mailed Telewest twice. Good enough, I got replies the next day, but basically, they're not interested and say it must be a problem with the machine (since it copies to my video recorder OK). Looks like they'll only sit up if enough people report it. No big deal for me, since I do most of my copying using the TV RGB out, but it's irritating if I want to do some volume copying and quality isn't an issue.

Anyone else?

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I have just experienced this to my Panasonic DMR E60 DVD Recorder. We had taped a load of Higgledey House programs for the youngest that are about 20mins each. I had put 8 to record and set the DVD to accept a 3hour drop. The TV drive looked to be set up ok but it recorded the first on the list and no more - meanwhile the DVD recorder was happily recording a blank screen.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix??. Otherwise it's a case of doing 1 at a time which is a pain in the Butt to say the least.


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