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Ok so I've been looking at this site for a few years now and you guys helped me pick my current setup (Pioneer 5090, VSX-LX52, Monitor Audio Radius') - which is still fab!

Since then I've been oggling the DIY Home Theatres and custom installs dreaming of the day we extend our house and I can have a go myself.

Well either I've been daydreaming or enjoying myself too much as the builders are in and I still don't know or can't decide whats needed.. :facepalm:

At present I only use a Sky+HD signal in the lounge and feed this back to the main bedroom through the RF2 on the old TV aerial cable via the loft. Also in lounge and connected to the AVR is a B-Ray player, PS3 and Wii. (see attached layout)

What I'd like to do is be able to watch freeview or terrestial as well as Sky in a couple of other rooms (only my lads bedroom needs to be able to watch another Sky channel). The PS3 and Wii will be moving to the playroom and be joined by another 40"/50" screen.

I'd also like each TV to have access to the internet (BBC iPlayer is so handy) and content on my hard drives. I can see some NAS coming as soon as I can make my mind up what to go for although I'm liking the sound of the Popcorn Hour thats talked about a lot.

So the question is, can anyone provide any advice on hiding cables, what cables to use, distribution systems, faceplates v brushplates, NAS', streaming and catalogueing(?) software etc.

Whilst I'd like it all to be HD I'm not sure budget will stretch to a full 4x4 HD matrix as the extension is taking a fair chunk.

Quite happy to get a design drawn up and discuss fees for that if thats what it takes as I could quite easily splash out on my own findings and end up in the dog house with she who must be obeyed....... hang on that sounds alright!!

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there,

Best thing to do is get 3x CAT6 to each TV (2x for HD + 1x data). Then move your sky box to wherever your NAS/router are, buy a HDMI matrix and some extenders, job jobbed. A simple matrix won't case you the earth. The other option is a splitter + x extenders for the HD areas; but that will only do one source.

You may find the most cost effective and flexible option is to:
- Get a 5-output multiswitch and appropriate LNB
- Get 4 new sky boxes
- Either put them by each TV (only 2x CT100 required, no HD extension), or in the loft (HD extenders required, 2x CAT6 generally)
- Stick £99 apple tv's behind each TV and control with remote app.

Don't feel like putting any music kit in? Sonos + a few speakers in your new kitchen/diner?



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Wow wasn't expecting that quick a response thanks Chris.

What would you class as a simple matrix though and just so I can say I explored the cost effective option what do you mean by 5 output multiswitch and appropriate LNB. Is this a "loft box" and sky dish lnb with 4 outputs?

Will the apple tv's work with different format files on a NAS?


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Doh hit send before finished.

Do the sky boxes just pass through or give access to what's on each box?

I'm guessing the 2 x extra cat cables are for hd extenders?

I've already made the jump to Sonos. Fabulous! One of those things that works even better than you hope it will so much so my wife and 8 year old love it. He's got it set up on my old iPhone I'll have to figure out how to block him soon!!


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Hi fella,

A multiswitch allows you to get more than 8 feeds out of a single dish. You have 5 TV locations, so 5 boxes = 10 feeds. A triax 12 output multiswitch is about £175. You'd then need extenders for the TV's, at £481 RRP for HD-Base-T (best), or £205 RRP for standard dual-cat6 baluns - per pair.

Using individual sky boxes you have no way of sharing recorded content. If that's a requirement, you need a central box and splitter or matrix.

4x4 matrix with IR routing is £1685 RRP. This includes UTP transmitters, so you just need receivers at £164 each RRP.

If you were going to have a proper control system e.g. RTI, Control4, Prodigy, URC, etc; then you can use a cheaper matrix (£722) - which omits the IR routing but also omits the CAT5/6 outputs so you need seperate balun sets as priced above.

The way I'd do it is with:
- The non IR-routing matrix
- HD-Base-T baluns
- 2x central sky boxes
- 1 or 2x central media players
- RTI XP-6 processor
- RTI RM-433 RF Antenna
- An RTI T1-B in each room

This is based on Wyrestorm hdmi kit. You might be able to do the same job for less using e.g. Atlona or Octava.



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Hi. I am doing a similar set up as you but a few other bits as am looking to do lighting and a few other bits, but through reading on here and speaking to people I have changed what am doing and how going to do it, but I would make sure that behind each TV I would run at least 4 Cat5/6 cables not 3 as you then have at least 1 spare if 1 fails. :smashin:


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Considering an HD Base balun can run picture/sound/control/ethernet all down 1 CAT5/6 then 4 may just be overkill.

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