TV Dimensions 55” vs 65” when wall mounted


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Hey guys.

Finally getting my set up finished but just had a thought and now not 100% I can have what I had planned.

Currently have a 55” AF9 wall mounted with a Sonus Arc mounted below, when I had it mounted I made sure the wall mount could take a bigger tv but now looking at the dimensions between a 55” and a 65” there is roughy 10cms height difference.

does anybody have any idea how that translate in respect of mount fixings? Is it roughly 5cm top and bottom? I have a horrible feeling a 65” will overlap with the sonus arc.

I’m not going to remount anything so I’m unsure if I can upgrade to 65 or if I’m stuck with a 55”


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I actually assumed they were all in the same place, so that might not be the case?

I didn’t wall mount my tv I paid a company to do it, looking at the bracket they used it seems that the fixing to the tv is slidable in which case I can just attach it lower to hopefully give me more space.

martin 39

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Mate of mine has just changed from a 55 panasonic oled to a 65 panasonic oled and it went straight on the wall bracket same markings on brackets perfectly fine. We were both amazed how quick it took to swap over

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