TV/Digibox/DVD-VCR Connection



I have a JVC AV32R370EKC Widescreen TV, a JVC HR-XV31 combi VCR/DVD and a Sky Plus box. What is the optimum way of connecting these three pieces of kit to provide the best sound and picture performance?

Looking at the Comet website the TV has 3 scarts (1 rgb), S-Video, and rear audio and video input sockets. It also has a Digital Sound Processor and is a Dolby Pro Logic TV with built in speakers. The DVD/VCR Combo has 2 scarts, no S-Video output, Optical connection, and Digital coaxial output. Do I use the RGB scart for the sky+ box and if so how do I get the best sound compatibility from sky+ and also from the DVD/VCR player?

Ian J

The connection of choice should be the RGB connection as that will give you the best quality picture. As there is only one RGB scart socket on the TV I would suggest daisychaining the Sky Plus box to the DVD Combi and onwards to the single RGB enabled scart socket.

As your TV isn't Dolby Digital the best sound that you could obtain would be Pro Logic via the scart sockets. The optical and digital coaxial connectors are for connection to a digital decoder only so won't be of use to you.
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