TV Delivery to Works Address ?????


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I'm sure you can but, and this may sound stupid, make sure you've got a way of getting the tv home afterwards...

If you're ordering a large (37+") tv then be aware that they come in a massive box - I certainly wouldn't have been able to fit it into my car... and really wouldn't want to have risked damaging it by transporting it out of the box. Also, in the (hopefully) unlikey event that anything should go wrong and you need to return the tv, having the original undamaged packaging is always useful...


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It's an anti-fraud thing :)

PITA if you reallywant something del'd to work, but a 'thank gawd for that' when some low life scrote has knicked your card details and trys to get goods delivered to their work address...;)

good luck and enjoy your new toy! :thumbsup:


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Had the same problem. Tried to use my own credit card to order a set to be delivered to work. Wouldn't do it. The only way to get round it was to use my Company credit card to pay for the set. As the card is registered to the Company address - no problem.



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Or if you have a decent bank, they will let you record a second address against your account. My bill goes to home, but my work address is listed also as an authorised address.


I ordered via work credit card and got my LCD delivered to my work address. I then got a letter from the TV license people saying that my work now needs to buy a TV license!


Dabs delivered to my work address no probs.

For companies that won't, I understand you can ask your credit card company to authorise delivery to your work address. Could be worth checking with them.

ush flynn

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i got my 9830 from digitaldirect, nice guys, the delievery company tried to come while i was out and thier depot is only about 5 mins from home so i went and picked it up, the box was in good nick so i know they dont bash them about, the lady in the depot even helped me bring it out to the car which she didnt have to. It JUST about fit in the car though phew!
Like its been said if you call your bank you can add your work address and then you shouldnt have any other worries

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