TV Comparison & How Important Is It To Buy A Model From The Current Year?


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Looking to upgrade my Sony Bravia 4K (2015). A couple of different TVs have caught my eye, and I'm wondering how they compare in terms of image and overall quality:

Samsung QLED 8K QN900A (I'd probably have to wait for the price to drop)
Samsung QLED 8K QN800A
Samsung QLED 8K Q900T
Sony Bravia OLED A90J (Looked fantastic in the shop)

I'm guessing (hoping) that all of these will offer a noticeable improvement on my current TV.

With regards to the Samsung ones, I like the idea of the One Connect Box, and my room isn't entirely dark (I often watch movies during the day) so I reckon a QLED might be better for my needs.

Given that the 2021 models are so expensive, would it be a good idea to go with Q900T if I can find it? I'm thinking that, if possible, I should get this year's model (so all the apps and updates and technology etc last as long as possible) but I'm not sure how important that sort of thing is?



Typically ranges of TVs rank the same year to year with performance so the QN800A is not better than last years QN900A.

In fact, typically year to year the same range of TV doesn't really perform any better. There are small gains, sometimes regressions. Of course software is more recent, which usually means smart TV will be supported a year later.

So if you decide on an LCD TV, I'd look first on deals on 2020 stock, the 4k models tend to be much better value than 8k, but sometimes this time of year can mean for some very good deals on old stock.

I'd probably rank TVs overall by their dimming performance, from worst to best:

Q90T/Q95T=Q800T > Q900T

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