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Now that my 40”, 7-year-old Samsung HD TV has developed some issues I’m in need of a new one. I found that most TV's these days are 4k and was looking forward to choosing something like a new 43”, however, after doing some reading I find it’s not quite that simple.
To begin with, the viewing distance from my chair is about 260cm and from the sofa about 320cm, and according to what I have read, this is not an ideal situation for a 43” screen. I’m not opposed to a larger set but am limited to the size that will fit in our living room, (a maximum of a 50”), and according to the recommended distance/size ratio, at these distances, I'm going to be needing a 70” TV at the minimum which just can't happen in my room.

Given these circumstances, would it be of any benefit paying between £700 to £900 on a decent 50” Samsung or Sony if the viewing quality is only going to be equivalent to a standard HD? This being the case would I be better off with something costing around the £400 mark or even less?

Also, given that 4k TV programs are few and far between, what are the benefits of conforming to all the required guidance of size and distances? I realise that many play games on their TV and that 4k films are available for streaming from Amazon and Netflix as well as blue ray, but I wouldn’t say that I fit into that category. In fact, I intend to depart from the Sky/Virgin loop when my current contract ends, opting for a Freeview box which will also limit the 4k content. I do watch some films but can't say that they are at the top of my viewing priorities.

I like to watch documentary-type programs and some (older) films, and more recently find that I am watching more YouTube than TV. My wife usually watches TV dramas and game shows.

I really would appreciate some advice on this please.


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4k isn't really what separates good and bad TVs now. Its more with HDR picture quality.
As long as you can fit a 48" OLED, then you can get a good all-round TV, look at the models in my guide:

If you're only interested in LCD TVs, then that limits your options. There are no higher end model sold smaller than 55". Although depending how much you use HDR, and whether you use the TV in darker conditions or not the Sony X90J in the starter section may be okay for you.

If you're looking to spend less than even the X90J it's a good idea to either not buy anything at all, or just buy something cheap. At least until 42" OLEDs are out later this year. A cheap TV will be fine for SDR like most Sky or Virgin content but it will give you problems when you use HDR.


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Thanks for that, it’s really appreciated, as I have been going round in circles for quite some time now.
Just to make sure that I understand you correctly, a 48” OLED would suit my particular needs better as I would benefit from the better HDR (contrast) that it offers. I have also looked at your guide and find that the LG OLED C1 would probably be the best option as it has a more powerful processor for better picture processing as well as more HDMI sockets than the A1.

I must admit that I had not considered OLED because of the bigger price tag and not realised that they made a 48” model which will just about fit my budget and room corner.

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