TV/centre speaker positions?


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Relative to eye/ear height, what is the best positioning for both of these?
For the TV I've hard eye height and for the centre speak ear height. Naturally there is a conflict...
One other option is to put the centre at the same height as the top river in the floorstanding speaks which would be reasonable for me.


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THX guidelines are here on screen positioning, with the next section on speaker placement:

HDTV Set Up «

Personally I would aim to have the screen level with your eyes, and the center speaker above the screen rather than below. At least in my setup the sound seems much more spacious and enveloping across the front with the center speaker higher up.

The important thing with the center speaker is to tilt it vertically so the tweeter remains aimed at your head. High frequencies are very directional so if you don't do this you'll lose some of the top end.

Unless you're placing the speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen with a projector, there's always going to be some compromise in positioning the screen and center speaker. Ideally you'd have all the tweeters across the front 3 speakers at the same height, but with a panel this often means placing it quite high up.

At the end of the day pick the configuration that looks and sounds best to you, give all the options a try :)


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Thanks Andy, that's just what I needed.

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