TV card upgrade worth it?



I've currently got a ATI TVWonder VE card that i picked up £15-20...it only has the RF and Composite input. I was wonder if i will get a better pic with a card with a S-Video input? i will probably initially uses it for my DTT digi box.

I've found i can't really uses Dscaler at a good deinterlace value as my p.c is on a piii 500 with 384 sdram and running a Rage 128 32mb card. I currently can only use greedy low motion w/o dropped frames. But i will be making a HTPC in the future.

So what is a good pic quality TV card with S-Video input?? just trying to get uses out of my PC until the inevitable upgrade.!!!:rolleyes:

thxs for the help!!!;)
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