TV Can Deliver 720p But DVD Player Only Delivers 625p - Any Point In Component?


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Sorry, this is another of my "component lead, is it worth it?" threads - I'm just trying to cover all the basics before I buy a cable.

As I say in the title, my tv can display 720p but, on reading through my DVD player manual this morning, it says: "If your tv is compatible with progressive scanning (625p/576p), connect the tv to the component video output..." which implies to me that the player cannot deliver the optimum picture that my tv can display.

Am I reading this right? If so, then I think I really need to be looking for a new DVD player before I bother with a component lead as I'm not going to notice as big a difference as I'd like.


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Your options are

1. Your dvd player - should give better picture through component than say scart.

2. Buy another dvd player that upscales to 720p (your tv is doing this now). dvd's have only 576 lines of info...doesn't matter what you do you won't get anymore detail. Spend enough on a dvd player and it could have a better upscaler in it than your tv. But I really don't think it's worth your hard (cough) earned civil servants wage ;)

3. HD-DVD/Blueray and feed the TV true 720p. You'll see a huge improvement as you'll then be giving your tv more detail to show.

Hope that helps :)

My recommendation would be to change your dvd player to use component and save up for a HD-DVD/Blue ray player. Don't waste your money on another dvd player as you won't see a big difference .


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Doesn't matter if the DVD player is feeding the TV 480, 576, 720, or even 1080 - the TV will upscale and downscale all inputs to 720lines anyway....


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Thanks, JUS and Matt_C, that's really helped. I'll stick with the player I've got now as I can't really afford to upgrade to a HD or Blu Ray player at the moment.

The next big upgrade will probably be the DVD player, though, and with HD players coming into a more affordable price range as more and more punters cotton on to the new technology, that upgrade shouldn't be too far away. Happily, my tv is already HD so it won't mean having to get a new tv when I change my player.

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