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Can anyone help with this - I am trying to hook my LCD TV up to my VCR and DVD player. The VCR only has a SCART socket, and the DVD player has a SCART and a digital coaxial (orange) audio socket.

I am putting the cables through a wall and have been told that putting RGB Plus Sync SCART Adapters on my VCR and DVD player, and then using coaxial cables to link up with the TV will give just as good picture quality as SCART to SCART.

The idea of using coaxials is to minimise the size of the hole I will have to drill through my brick wall - as you know drilling a big hole for SCART cable to fit thru is a nightmare :mad:

Can any experts out there please let me know what they think of this set-up plan, and if it will work with the sockets available on the back of my Samsung LE32R41BDX.

The back of my TV looks like this - click here

Cheers guys


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