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I've narrowed down my choice of TV. We're wanting to spend a max of £900 but some of these are a little more and I may be persuaded.

I don't really know a lot about TV's etc, but want a decent size one as I seem to watch a lot of SKY TV these days, and play Xbox.

I'm really unsure whether RPTV is what we want. Is the Picture really good? All I know is me and the mrs want a Nice big TV.

Any suggestions?

LG RPTV DLP at a Cheap price



Or just stick cheap n cheerful CRT
Philips 32" CRT - Cheap price though!



As far as I know the LG DLP is pretty good. My main reservation with DLP is the 'frosted' front screen, which gives bright shades a strange texture which I do find objectionable. Also, like RPTV, it is sweet spot dependant - off axis you do lose a lot of light output.

As well as the ones above I'd also consider a 42WH36P - it's a cracking CRT RPTV and you can still get some I think.

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Although you'll probably get more inches for your money with a projector set you'd probably be dissappointed if you were expecting the picture quality to be in the same league as the CRT tv. Thousends of people buy RPJs but I would definitely check the picture quality for yourself before making your choice. And if you were thinking of judging by magazine reviews do bear in mind that they award scores relative to the competition, not on an absolute basis so don't expect an RPJ which receives a high score on picture quality to come close to a CRT with the same score.

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