Question TV broken - trying to decide on a new one (LG vs Samsung vs Hisense around the 50/55 range)


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We currently have a 2015 49" Sony Bravia (with Android TV). I've always sworn by Sony but my experience with this TV has led me to avoid Sony like the plague for a bit (or at least, Android TV). Without a shadow of a doubt, the worse TV I've ever had. Now the board on it has failed. Its around £200 to get a new one, but I'm not sure I *want* to fix the TV.

So I'm looking for fairly quick ordering (christmas looming) to get a new TV, around the £400-£500 mark.

We have 49" now, but I'm seeing more potential I think for going up to 55", maybe to get an IPS screen as well?

Viewing angles currently aren't too severe though. We have a corner sofa pointing at the TV, so watching head on mostly anyway so maybe VA would be fine.

We watch films + TV (Netflix, Amazon etc). We aren't audiophiles or visualphiles though so having the 'ultimate' cinema viewing experience is not a requirement.

Gaming not needed (at most a Switch is used).

SmartTV wise - because AndroidTV was so bad on the Sony we got into the habit of using a Chromecast for everything anyway so SmartTV apps aren't super important - but - it would be nice to have Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, iTV HUB, Spotify, NowTV etc

The Android TV was so incredibly sluggish and unresponsive we don't want to end up back in that same situation. So the new TV really needs to feel responsive. No pressing buttons and waiting 2-3 seconds for the input to be processed. No opening the TV guide, waiting 5 seconds for it to appear, waiting for it to load, pressing UP, waiting 3 seconds, see it go up etc. The Sony even lagged just turning the volume up and down :(

So I'm looking at Richer Sounds (might call them up) as they have the 6 year warranty too.

So they have the LG 50UN73006LA - £399. But its 50" so assuming VA panel and not so good viewing angles?

They have the
LG 55UN73006LA - £429 so guessing thats worth it for the £30 difference?

There's the
Samsung UE50TU7100 - £399 and the Samsung UE55TU7100 - £449?

I've also seen lots of praise for the Hisense 50U7QFTUK - £499 I'm just a bit wary of the quality as its top edge of the budget too. Don't want to end up with a buggy, unresponsive TV - is that a legit worry to have with Hisense?

Any other potentials, any advice on which to go for?

Thanks in advance!



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Would be good to know if the Sony 49" 2015 we have is IPS or VA? The picture quality was always excellent, just a shame about the OS.

Audio too was decent for a TV. We don't have a sound bar, but that could change. As long as out the box the TV is 'decent enough' for audio for now.


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pretty bad time to buy now prices have gone up since black Friday but will go down for xmass sales hopefully.
I would pick Hisense 50U7QFTUK on the list.


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Yeah I realise timing is a bit crap. Could potentially wait for Dec/Jan but then I always find both Jan + Black Friday sales to be lackluster these days? Assuming these (or similar) models even go on sale, I wouldn't expect it to go much more than £50ish at those price ranges?

Also, I'd rather buy form somewhere with 5-6 year warranty in non-sale prices than from somewhere with a sale but really short warranties (i.e. Currys)


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If you go with John Lewis now, and you spot a lower price for an available TV in the sales, they'll just reimburse the difference. Simple process to do online, takes a few minutes. Plus you get the 5 year warranty. I did this with my XF9005 two years ago, and and about to do it again, just waiting for a Samsung to come back in stock.

Samsung seem to have been hit quite badly on stock compared to other brands, wonder if that is COVID related?

From that list, my money would be on one of the two Samsungs - the smart function will be better than the Hisense from what I understand.


All the best buys are here: **New** My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition

You should take the time to read up about panel types and HDR before purchasing since those are tow the fundamental decisions to make when buying a TV nowadays.

For example, there's no use shopping for a TV with a limited budget if you intend to use HDR on the TV. Some cheaper TVs like the U7Q may get you there with some content, but they fall short of the baseline that is required to use HDR without adverse effects. Other TVs priced similarly are even worse.


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Hi Dodgexander, it was actually your guide that brought me here initially!

The guide initially led me to consider 55" over the 50" ranges. It also made me consider the Hisense as a serious consideration as it seems to be a popular choice for the low end (almost the only true recommendation in the 50" range)? I wouldn't have considered the brand otherwise as I'm quite unfamiliar with it and was concerned over quality.

With regards to HDR, to be honest, consider it not a feature I want/need with regards to my choices. It's not something even considered before reading your guide.

In terms of panels i'm just a bit unsure what I'd really want. Do you know if the Sony KD-49X8309C was IPS or VA?

I believe the viewing angles I have work well for VA so I can't tell if it's recommended to go VA over IPS if you can? I assume it's not as simple as that?


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Googling makes me believe my current Sony KD-49X8309C has an IPS screen.

So maybe thinking to get the same panel type as I know it suits the environment well.


I wouldn't bother changing TV if I were you, I'd pay to repair it, or fix the new board myself (very easy to do).Then if you are unhappy with smart TV, use a Roku or similar for smart duty.

The problem is you aren't going to get an upgrade with your budget. The TV most similar to yours in spec right now is selling for £700 presently.

You'd want to go for a TV like the Sony XH9005 or Samsung Q80T at very least.

Technology doesn't move on this fast. The 49X8309 was priced around £800 around Black Friday 2015 so aren't going to get similar picture quality now by spending almost half of that. Your TV, smart aside will hold up just as well against the new 49XH85/49XH91 series that is the modern replacement.

EDIT* closest like for like now with an IPS screen will be LGs UN8500 or Nano85/86. So you can get a cheaper model with similar specs, albeit from LG instead of Sony. HDR will still be a no-go on these TVs.


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Cheers for the advice.

I understand the what your saying. Just FYI though the Sony wasn't just bad smart TV wise, the whole TV was horrific to use (Sony forums have pages and pages of issues about that specific year). But yes the screen was (is) good.

It's just tough thinking about spending the £150+ on a board to fix something I'm somewhat happy to see the death of! Thats the price for 'used' boards it seems too.

Just out of interest, I've seen the Nanos in your guide, the 85/86.

I'm assuming this one is *not* so good recommendation wise (the 796) LG 50NANO796NE

Also any reason in your edit you mention the LG UN8500 over the LG UN7300 I've seen mentioned in your guides in the low tier mentions?

Final quick question (sorry for so many!) - I'm assuming the current Sony I have had no HDR support? Or am I inadvertently going from having HDR support to not having it?


I'm assuming this one is *not* so good recommendation wise (the 796) LG 50NANO796NE
No its a TV that should be in the 'models I struggle to recommend section'.
Also any reason in your edit you mention the LG UN8500 over the LG UN7300 I've seen mentioned in your guides in the low tier mentions?
Because to match your current TV like for like you don't want to downgrade to a model using a 60hz panel instead of 120hz.
Final quick question (sorry for so many!) - I'm assuming the current Sony I have had no HDR support? Or am I inadvertently going from having HDR support to not having it?
I think your model was a year too early for HDR.

No problem with the questions, buying is complicated nowadays. Unfortunately most TVs you buy today accept a HDR signal but very few can display it properly. This is because when they invented HDR, they did not take into consideration problems with the picture when displaying it on cheaper TVs.

This poses a problem somewhat since in many cases you can't avoid using HDR, or if you can avoid it, you have to watch a HD version of the content instead of UHD.

Because of this its harder and harder to recommend cheaper TVs now, but the ones I mention in my edit are as close in spec to your current TV as possible.

I'd suggest perhaps fixing your current TV and saving up for a higher tier model in the future. Alternatively sell your TV for parts and use that to fund buying a TV like the Sony XH9005, Samsung Q80T or Hisense U8Q.


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Don't buy the Hisense uq8 if you want a smooth picture just my opinion as im taking mine back asap

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