TV bracket for plaster wall with no studs


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Hi guys,

Sorry to bother you, but I’m looking for a TV bracket that will be able to be supported by a plaster wall with no brackets or anything else behind it.

Tonight I went on task rabbit and was told by someone I’d booked that he wouldn’t be able to attach anything other than a flat plated tv bracket owing to the wall, but everyone I’ve looked at on amazon says it needs wood or a stud wall behind it ( I may be using the incorrect terminology here!)

I thought it would just be a case of using some Grip It’s, but apparently not.

Could anyone please offer any advice or recommend a tv mount I could possibly buy?

Many thanks,



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So it's a plasterboard wall with the boards only being supported on the edges and you want to mount the TV in the center of a board?


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Grip Its are great, I use blue 25mm ones and they will hold anything as long as the plasterboard is solid. Main thing is how heavy is your TV? My Panny is 23kg and is held up by 2 x Blue Grip Its and this wire bracket :

Bracket is cheap but also keeps the TV very close to the wall meaning the Grip Its are under sheer load (downwards) not tension (pulling outwards) or cantilever.

I also use this type of bracket in another room, but keep it flat to the wall rather than moving it outwards:
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