TV backlight 60 LED Strip + Remote Controller


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Hello all
Am looking to get a backlight for my 50" TV.
Don't want to spend a lot doing it.I have just come a cross this set
5050 SMD RGB Flash 60 LED Strip + Remote Controller
1M 5050 SMD RGB Flash 60 LED Strip + Remote Controller | eBay
Just like to know if this will be ok?

Thanks for reading:)
Hi there, I use led lighting round my tv and the kit I got is similar to the one you have shown however you will need more than 1m as to give the best effect you need to go all the way round at the back so I guess you will be looking around 4m!Also the one you show doesn't include the power supply!
I bought a 5m 5050 led strip with 44key remote and power supply for £35 off eBay! Try and buy from the uk incase there are any problems with it!:thumbsup:
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Hi sorry i have been away.
yeah I got the 1M one it come today
It looks good but like you said i need more.Just to ask is it safe to stick them on the TV or shod i stick them on the wall?


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stick em on the tv....leds give no heat.....though the tvs heat might effect the sticky pads if its plasma

....had one or two on my 50" plasma come loose after a while


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