TV audio through Turtle Beach sound card.... Can I do it?



Can anyone tell me if it is possible to run audio from my TV through my Santa Cruz sound card. I have dual audio (varible audio out R/L) RCA jacks on the back of my TV and I bought a dual RCA plug to 1/8" minijack adapter and hooked it into the 1/8" Blue "Line In" jack on the sound card but did not get anything. I went to the Santa Cruz/Mixer control panel and made sure that the line in mute was not on. Is there something I am missing or is this not possible.
Thanks for your thoughts



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Hi coscar and welcome to the forums :hiya:

I also have a Santa Cruz and the line-in works fine from my VCR. Have you checked the cable? Does the sound card accept input from anything else? Have you tried connecting the TV sound output to an amp to make sure it works?

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but often these things are easily overlooked!

Good luck ;)

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