TV/Audio set up - help needed!


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Hey everyone,

Just looking for some help with my TV/Audio set up.

Traditionally I have watched DVDs through my Philips sound bar (HDMI) but I have just recently bought a new LG 3DTV and a 3d Blu Ray player.

Now I've set it all up the new DVD player will be my main source for DVD's and is also HDMI. This means when playing DVD's through it I can no longer receive sound through the soundbar (as the TV will only use one HDMI source at a time).

So, How do I overcome this? The soundbar has a scart port (but the TV doesn't). Both the sound bar and TV have the audio in/out (red white black circles).

So, how do I get the sound bar to be used purely for sound for all media. My TV has 3 HDMI inputs (Xbox, 3dBlu Ray and Virgin) and I want to use the soundbar as the sole sound source for all 3.

Any help/suggestions/solutions greatly received and repayed with positive karma.




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It's an LG 47550T.

From what I can gather the only audio output on the TV is a digital optical output which my soundbar doesn't support (it's a few years older than the TV).

So, it seems my only option is to get a digital optical to 3.5 jack converter (which the soundbar supports as Audio In).

If anyone can shed any light - greatly appreciated.



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Hi Jaycee,

Just wanted to say thanks for your help - the jack to jack solution worked and probably saved me some £££'s as I was going to convert the digital optical to jack.

Doubt the sound quality is as good as digital to digital but it's WAY better than the standard speakers in the telly and I now have great sound across all devices.

Thanks for your help!


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