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My friend has a 51" Samsung tv, and he has a HD satellite recever connected to it.
It has no conventional stereo audio out rca sockets, so he connected it to a stereo amp via scart to stereo phono rca adaptor.
Problem is, it refuses to transmit the satellite receiver audio, which is connected from a remote room by a long HDMI, (15 metres) instead the audio from the tv's internal tuner is passed to the amp, ie DTT broadcast audio, whilst the satellite program is on screen.
The tv's own internal speakers work ok with the satellite receiver.
I'm not sure which model the tv is as he only called me this evening with the problem.
Just wondering does anyone know what might cause this to happen? I have to say I'm baffled.


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The only audio outputs on modern TVs that will pass audio from all connected sources are the headphone output and the optical digital out.


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The scart output will only pass analogue signals, hence why you cannot get the audio from the digital source.

As JayCee says, use the headphone output and a minijack to phono lead. The output levels are normally fairly similar, so you should not have a problem setting the volume up.


Thanks, I tried the headphone socket yesterday before I read these replies, and success, as always though, thanks for your swift help and knowledge.

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