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hi all, i've been doing some day-dreaming and would like to know the feasability of my (hair-brained) ideas.

Aim: I have many div x files that I would like to be able to access and watch through my tv. i've been thinking about getting some network attached storage (once the maxtors are out) and hooking it up to a 108mbps router. I would also like to be able to have the tv in my lounge act as a second pc monitor and so be able to access my pc's files (or rather those stored on the NAS) and the internet through my tv.

What are my options regarding the tv / monitor aspect? Can i use a graphics card like the nvidia personal cinema or `all in wonder'? This would let me play divx files stored on the network on my tv, but would all have to be done through my pc right? I couldn't sit in front of my tv and access my wlan could i?

The other option i've been thinking about is getting a large computer monitor and using it as a pc monitor and a tv. Could I use something like a TV box 9 ( when i wanted to watch sky (and terrestrial channels thru sky) and then be able to go online and access files on my WLAN when I use it as a regular monitor?

I hope this makes some sense to you all. Am i daft to be aproaching things this way - there must be something simpler!


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You can get network-attached DVD players such as a Momitsu or KiSS, I believe there are other devices similar to networked MP3 players but I have no idea about them.

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