tv and monitor combo switching either to main is tedious


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sorry if this has been posted before I tried searching the forums and Google but can't seem to find any useful info on my issue

I’m running a pc with a ATI 4870 to 2 displays.

My problem is to do with gaming on the TV.

In order to game on the TV i have to change my main display to the tv
disable my sound card so that games know to use the ati card
go into the ati drivers and change the over scan to 0 (it always defaults to -10)

Then when im finished and want to start using my monitor i have to switch everything back to the original settings.

display 1 Syncmaster 226bw
display 2 Panasonic tx-p42g10b

This is far to much of a pain in the bum is there any easy way/software to set up profiles.

I imagine I could use windows profiles but I don’t really want to go down that route since i see a number of other annoyances doing that.

Is there something out that there that would let me save macro's.
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