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Hello guys, sorry if I have posted in wrong forum, please move me if needed,
I have decided to change my tv, I currently have a panny pz42, and have made my mind up and going for a panny gt30 50inch, hopefully thats the right choice (other contenders was Samsung d8000/7000), go on throw a spanner in my works. The main question is do I need to change my amp to get the 3d pass through (Yamaha rvx1900), the tv is park of a package with 3d bluray player, or can this be done through the bluray, I know I will probably have to at some stage, but can I get decent sound through the yamaha at present, or is this a pointless exercise, any ideas guys :facepalm:


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3d tv will pass through an hdmi 1.3 amp fine but it wont 'auto switch' the tv into 3d mode and you will have to do it manually. using an amp that is 3d capable with a 1.4 hdmi lead will autoswitch etc.

so yes you should be fine :)
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