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Sorry, not the most interesting of threads, but can anyone advise me on what aerial to buy for my tv? indoor, with amp, less than £25... if anyone's bought one recently that they'd advise me to buy it'd be much appreciated. cheap and effective!!

much appreciated


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oops, musta missed this

moving to freeview forum :)

edit: hmm..not 100% sure where this should go actually....if it isnt for a freeview tuner in the TV, then it might get more results under somewhere like cables......i'll move to freeview, if you dont get any joy there with replies, then ask the mod in that section to move it to cables.....closest other forum i think of :)


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The one that got the best reviews is the Telecam TCE2001.
But I hope you are aware of the limitations of an indoor aerial (susceptible to interference, people moving around and positioning is critical). Do NOT put it on top of any equipment that generates interference - such as a TV set! (Some people think this is a good idea - it isn't). It works best on top of a metal object such as a CD rack, radiator* etc.


*Edit - obviously not on a HOT radiator!


thanks for the advice!! yeah, aware that an indoor aerial isn't ideal. might try re-routing the main aerial. but this will do the job for the minute;

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