Tv aerial working until I try to extend.


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Mar 12, 2019
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Hello all, looking for some help. My coaxial cable and aerial are both working fine. I'm wanting to move my tv to the other side of the room and attempting to extend the cable. I have purchased 3 separate cables and 2 female connectors (all varying in price range) none of these are working. Any ideas on what the problem is or what I can try/do differently? Cheers.
Cables and connectors used? Links to them may help to identify really duff ones?

When in working location: What does the TV's signal strength and quality metering report? What is the issue when adding the extending cable? All or some channels? Does the TV metering show up anything?

If the original (aerial direct) signal reading is low enough a few dB of loss in the extending cables and connections might be enough to drop over the digital cliff edge... although that is not usually a problem, it might explain yours?

Above is assuming you haven't bought cable and hand-made connections; where shorts between centre core and strand from the screening mesh are easily made (and rectifying such mistakes will fix the problem).

It may be that - if it's down to low signal level - your aerial install needs attention. First check the aerial plug/socket where it enters the house is good and properly made off (fixing a dodgy connection there may enable the extension to work).
A low gain set back amplifier (example) may be the next thing to try (amplifying before the extension cable), but amps cannot make up for a poor input signal see Television Aerial Boosters / Amplifiers, Splitters, Diplexers & Triplexers
Digital fly leads, 4m Coax To Coax Gold contacts and inline coupler all purchased from Screwfix or B&Q

Working location:
Signal strength - 40% (weather currently bad)
Signal quality - 100%

When extenders added I get 0 channels and 0 strength.
Signal strength - 40% (weather currently bad)
There's likely your problem. 40% is the point that many sets are about to lose the signal. You need 60%+ ideally.
DO check the main incoming aerial plug/socket though!

Weather generally makes no difference to TV reception (unlike heavy rain affecting satellite's much higher frequencies).
{There are of course the weather-related high pressure 'enhanced propagation' events. Reception through wet, and/or windy foliage on trees can be a problem; as can reflections off water or snow in fairly rare circumstances.}

Your aerial needs attention/improving... You may get away with the amplifier I suggested for a time (until the aerial degrades further)... Equally, as it amplifies noise as well as signal at the same time adding some extra noise due to the amplifying process it may not help at all.

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