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im planning on getting a new TV probly with freeview, or to end up getting a freeview box later on...

currently the aerial is in the loft, and the signel it gets isnt enuff to get most channels on freeview so will be moving it to the roof hopefully.

if its on the roof can i then put a wire from it to my loft then add a 4 spilter of some kind up there? would that spilt the signel to much? or is there spliters which dont make it go bad or whatever?

any advice on what to do about it?


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I'm afraid that you have asked how long a piece of string is. It depends on your aerial but.....

As you are fitting a new aerial, if you are in a stong signal area then a four way distributor will work OK but it MUST be amplified (Therefore you need a power source for it.). There are lots of posts on which ones work the best.

A good test would be to try your STB with a TV in the loft with the new aerial when you have fitted it. If you get a good strong signal then your distributor ought to be able to drive the four cables to the rest of the house. If the signal is weak and/or you have missing channels then you will need a mast head amplifier as well. (I have just that setup.) It just depends....


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Ah, yes. It's working now....

Ugh, A Philex SLX amp. :(

10dB gain with 3dB of noise.


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A distribution amp will be fine.

But I would highly recommend buying a
Televes DAT45 aerial if you're in a slightly
weak signal area, and replace your aerial cable with some good quality
braided and screened stuff.
One piece that goes straight from the aerial on the roof to your distribution amp, and one continuous piece that goes from your dist amp to the back of your TV - DO NOT USE a wall socket and flylead.

Spend your money on the aerial and cable, thats my advice.

Chris Muriel

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Love the "Spilter" title.

Is it a filter ? Yes
Is it a splitter ? Yes

Then it must be a spilter :D

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Chris Muriel said:
Love the "Spilter" title.

Is it a filter ? Yes
Is it a splitter ? Yes

Then it must be a spilter :D
I've edited it....

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