TV aerial - how to stop birds?


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Our TV aerial overhangs the side of our house and is a magnet to pigeons, blackbirds etc.
The mess they make on the paved area below is just disgusting; I jet-washed the patio over the weekend and within a few hours there were at least a dozen new 'messages' on the slabs. :mad:

I have 2 young kids and they love to play in the garden but I'm worried they will 'dumped' on from above. :(

Does anyone know of any ways to deter birds from perching on the aerial?
One site mentions smearing vaseline on the aerial, I'm not entirely convinced but I suppose it is a cheap fix.


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If it's securley mounted, you could use some anti vandal spike strips... just cable tie 'em on to see if they work.... They are only cheap.


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Duncan G

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Superglue!!! They may land once but if they manage to escape won`t have any feet to land again!:thumbsup:


But if there's enough of them, they could take off with your aerial.:D

I would either try moving the aerial or put some netting on to stop them perching.

eric pisch

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genetic research will provide the solution


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