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I’m going to sound really dumb, but no amount of internet searching has been able to help me. I’m trying to connect my tv to what I think is the tv aerial, but I’m not sure what connector I need. There is no socket, it’s just a cable coming out of the wall, and it has two male ends, rather than just one as seems usual online.
the person who lived in my flat previously lived here forever, so I think it’s really old and it does. However, I want to see if it works before going through the hassle of installing a new dish/cable. Picture included to help you see what I mean.
I’d be grateful of any thoughts you could give me (even if it’s, you’re dumb - that’s not a tv aerial! 🙈).
thank you!


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Those are most likely to be connections for a satellite dish / Sky box and not a TV (Freeview) aerial.

If your TV has a satellite / Freesat tuner, there's a chance you may pick up Freesat channels, depending on the age of the satellite installation.


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Thanks, that’s super helpful. Do you think it would work with a freesat box?

If the previous owner had Sky HD, then yes - you should be able to pick up the Freesat channels, provided everything is still properly connected and the dish is correctly aligned.

If they had Sky Q, then I believe it's not quite so straight-forward and a different LNB (the part attached to the dish that the coax cables connect to) might be required.

Do you know if you have your own dish or is it a communal system ?


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How many dwellings in the block?

Owned or rented?
Owned: what did the property information form document say about aerials and dishes?
Rented: ask the Landlord.

Ask the neighbours as well? They may know more?

Those are known as F-plugs and with shotgun (figure of 8) cable normally used for satellite installs by $ky. But may also be used in other types of installations. Adapters to TV plugs are available if there's a proper communal shared aerial and satellite dish installation in the building and both sat and terrestrial (Freeview) signals are carried on one or both cables.

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