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Recently I had my TUTV anytime DTR box delivered and so far I ahv'nt been able to receive any of the Anytime channels. Its been on for 3days so far and nothing as been sent to the box. Not sure at the moment what it is I'm doing wrong. Sure its something stupid. :nono:

I've set the channels I want to receive and have deselected the ones I dont so I have more personal storage and I've downloaded programs that I have manually set from normal channels and normal TUTV..

Any help would be much appreciated.




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it says "remember programmes are downloaded on a daily basis, so it takes 7 days to fill your top up tv anytime box. Not 7 days to actually start viewing pre-downloaded content. Surely it should have managed downloads from these anytime channels and should be able to view them?

If I am wrong fair enough. Will wait and see if I get anything in a few days time.


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Maybe you should phone TUTV and ask if you should have any by now.
Others with the same TUTV Anytime box feel free to contribute.


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More problems, I've noticed I've started to have anytime content programs stored on the drive, but now I cant view any channels at all. I get the epg but when selecting any channel I just get a black screen.

Anyone who has one of these, please let me know if you are having similar problems or if you are not having any problems at all...either way, it would be good to know what these units are like in general.

So far, I'm finding it a bit crap..:mad:


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It's not an aerial problem, perchance? Do you have good reason to suppose your aerial is suitable for Freeview and TUTV reception?

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Recently I had my TUTV anytime DTR box delivered and so far I ahv'nt been able to receive any of the Anytime channels.

I think you need to read these threads on ds, after initial lock ups, freezing and a bunch of other problems my TUTVAT box is now working pretty well and when we receive the imminent updates I'm hopeful a whole lot better :clap: :D




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cheers for the weblink, Suits Me:smashin:

I unplugged mine for a few secs to get my channels back. Noticed a few suggesting that on the DS forum. All sounds very familiar whats been said on there and hopefully now that everything has been updated It should be ok. Well, lets just see. :)


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I was wondering besides the actual anytime part of the box, how does it perform as a DTR unit. I.e. if you cancel your subscription would it be a good box to have as a stand alone unit? I know the Thompson DHD4000 is one of the best around, yet its out of production. This is the next model Thompson have produced.

I am thinking of getting TUTV Anytime just for the box and cancelling the subscription. Is this wise or is it better to get a DHD4000 off ebay, or a Humax new?


I have TUTVAT and to be honest the software was upgraded to ver 2.0 yesterday and has made no improvement at all for me,the box is still very unstable,programs not downloading,blank screens all sorts of problems,I have tried to ring TUTVAT to get this thing sent back as I have had enough but can not get through,Id thought Id give TUTVAT the benefit of the doubt and wait until the upgrade but it has almost no difference to the overall stability of the service,there are some users over on DS who seem to be ok but I am not 100% convinced that these people don't work for TUTV as everyone else including myself seems to have these problems and these users over on DS don't(sounds a bit dodgy)I would not recommend TUTV to anyone its does not work for me or others,I have even heard that CS are telling customers the reason there remotes don't work is because it needs to learn from the pvr,there is nothing in the manual that says anything about that,take my advice stay well clear of TUTVAT,I wish I had its been nothing but trouble from the start:thumbsdow

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