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Sorry to ask a really stupid and possibly obvious question!

I have bought a pair of XP510s for my Son who is 8. I decided to buy these as he is on his 4th headset as he has no memory while playing games and so forgets they are attached to wires!! Hence my wireless purchase to avoid further costs and meltdowns! You should see him when Xbox live is down!!

Anyway, the headset is still sealed so before I open them I was wondering would they actually be too big for him?! He has been playing at his mates who has a set of x42s and these were OK if not a little roomy. Not measured his head but he is an average size kid!
Daft question I know but they cost a fair amount and don't want to waste money if the are no good for him. I suppose he will grow into them, if he looks after them.

Thanks a lot,
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