Question Turtle Beach XP510 Xbox 360 Discconection Issues


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I bought a brand new pair of TB XP510's definitely brand new as the packaging was still sealed. I was so excited to get these up and running as i have been looking for a pair of truly wireless headset and after reading reviews that these were one of the best i brought them.

However ever since i have had them i have been having really bad disconnections and sometimes that annoying voice says goodbye and headset turns of on me. I contacted turtle beach about the problem and they just keep telling me to watch the video on how to set them up. I have watched the video 3 times and i have definitely set them up correctly. I thought maybe i was getting disconnection issues from my Xbox 360 Elite wireless adapter but i have an xbox 360 Slim as well and connected them up to that and still i am getting auido cutouts.

I was wearing them yesterday and they suddenly had a spasm of about 3 second cut outs which lasted about 30 seconds. It is just totally getting on my nerves now and i cant enjoy playing my games especially Guitar hero, im playing a song and then getting audio cut out totally knocks me off.

Has anyone had this problem and been able to fix the issue? Or any advice on what i could do? Also they have been updated to latest firmware.


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You may have already returned the headphones out of frustration, but in-case you haven't:

I have the Turtle Beach Call of Duty Phantom wireless headphones. I think yours are pretty much the same. Mine don't cut out like you describe, but they do auto switch off.

The cutting out may be due to wi-fi or radio interference. Maybe try moving the transmitter away from other equipment and check if you have any 5 Ghz wireless networking going on at the same time that could be causing an issue.
(I did buy an older 2.4 Ghz-only model from CEX before these ones and had terrible interference. I bought these to replace them as I don't have anything that really uses 5 Ghz and haven't had an issue)

The auto-switch off where the voice says "goodbye" is because the optical input volume is "too low". It's a stupid system that you would hope they fixed (or at least allowed to be turned off) with a firmware update but I don't think they every did.

The only way around the problem that I found online is to connect your phone/tablet to the bluetooth on the headphones and play music on a loop. Switch the phone volume down to about 15% and then turn the headset bluetooth volume down until it beeps, and then press the up volume once (so it is on the lowest setting +1). If you play something like classical music, you won't be able to hear it, but because there is something coming through to the headphones it doesn't shut off. If it does, then you may have the phone volume too low or the headphone bluetooth volume completely off. It will auto-switch off still in those situations.

It's annoying, but I got the headphones brand new for about £80 because they were an old model, and the hassle of the bluetooth connection is (mostly) worth it for the nice quality of the headphones.
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