Turok Evolution-Worth Getting???

kirk grubb

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Sep 6, 2001
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Pondering on wether to get turok for the xbox but have not seen any reviews yet.
Has anyone been playing this game the last couple of days and been impressed?

Got it the other day : played it for a couple of hours. Not bad.
The aiming is a pain but it might just take some getting used to. Doesn't feel as elegant as Halo just yet.

Graphics range for pretty good to ok.
Sound seems quite good.
Flying seems like its got potential but it can be very very annoying too.

Only a couple of levels in: I've read it gets much better.
Will persevere for the time being.

Had Enclave and Hunter for week : took them both back : enclave was ok but its the usual been there done that type of thing and the combat was really unweildy. Hunter was just boring: hack hack hack hack run away...hack hack hack shoot shoot ...yawn.
Can't see that link delphi but suspect its my SGI playing up.
Got the Xbox version any road.
Cheers for info guys


Probably wait till they get on ebay.

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