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Has anyone got turok for the gc, i´ve heard hat it has very long loading times and massive slowdown(nothing sucks more than slowdown) is this true?

don,t know much about the cube version!i know the pal version isn,t out yet ,and the ps2 version and x box version are the only available uk versions.the ps2 version is rubbish, it has reduced detail graphicalycompared to x box,and is slow...you may be getting mixed information. i have x box version and it is supposed to be the best version out of the 3...but even this version has the odd attack of snail.itus!.......not in the same quantity as the ps2


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I can't really comment as I don't have Gamecube Turok but museumsteve has palyed both the XBOX and GC versions a good bit and had this to say:

Originally quoted by MuseumSteve over at Nex-Gen.co.uk:

I can safely say GC is the best version IMO.
The loading times are fairly similar..
The sound on Xbox is dolby digital but doesn;t seem to have been incorporated that well so even though better than GC it just doesn;t blow it away..

Control is rather similar with the Xbox version having identical default as Halo (which is a good thing) but the game feels a little clumsy. GC control is laid out in a similar manner using both analogue sticks but the game just feels better and more accurate when controlling..

Graphics the GC wins this particular battle. Seems to have more texturing (or could just be more polygons) but whatever it is it is noticeable. Another area GC wins is in the colour aspect of the game. The colours (as I said before) seem rather bright and almost primary, similar style to N64, whereas the GC version seems more subtle and have a certain realism to them. One thing I did notice on GC is there are a few slight frame rate issues when strafing, but not enough to worry about.
So final result is in my opinion the GC comes out on top...

You could message him if you want more info :).


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I did indeed say that and still stick to it. GC is the best all round version. At ECTS talking to a guy from Acclaim he told me that GC version did have more textures..but wouldn;t answer when I asked why..;)


just to let you know both gamespot and ign have given turok pretty average scores. bothless than 80% may be worth waiting for another title.


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I enjoyed the orignal Turok on the N64 and Turok 2 on the PC so I was looking forward to Turok: Evolution.

Lets just say I'm glad I rented it before I 'splashed the cash'.

I thought turok on the gamecube is not out till october a few weeks after it came out on xbox and psx2


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I still play Turok 1 and 2 on N64 even now, so the release on the Xbox of Turok:Evolution was something I was not going to miss...

Oh dear :(
To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, I was so looking forward to this. Okay so it's supposed to pickup later but currently I'm on "Challenge 3" - the flying around on a Pterodactyl or whatever it is bit and it's sh**e, sorry not very good

I mean how realistic is it to shoot down trees with an arrow?
You don't know whether an animal is friendly or not until you are virtually tapping it on the shoulder and it either charges you or it doesn't
And yesterday I managed to shoot one of the humanlike enemies from about two miles away...

Sorry rant over.
Actually had more fun typing this than playing the game

Oh well back to Halo


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Does turok not run in progressive scan???? And how on earth to you get past the first dewd on top of the rock.. i shot him with an arrow and some thing appeared and I have not a clue as how to get it.


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It does get better later on. I got very peed off at the first flying bit ( the one with the dam) as for some inexplicable reason you seem unable to pull out of dives near the dam and cliffs. They just kinda suck you into them.

The aiming is a bit loose too ( I can see why they included an auto-aim as someone must have realised at the last minute how nasty the targetting was)

I'll stick with it for a bit: the hand grenades and soem of the enviroments are pretty cool later on: being chased by an alosaur and leading it into a bunch of the repto guys where it munches down on them was pretty cool.


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Would be great if you answered my question there.. if it runs in progressive and how I get on the first rock.

I have just started the game.. and what i noticed first is that the plants look pretty bad close up, and the a.i. is awfull on the very first characters... could actually shoot them once in the back and they did nothing. And the dinosour with the horns... it just runs in circles and is a laugh to kill. Think the graphics are in no way better than say a good n64 game. But I have just started playing it.


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You make the jump onto the first rock to collect the key by jumping from the first ledge down from the top - not directly on the top as I tried a dozen or so times to begin with.
In Turok jumping is a bit of a hit and miss affair, try looking directly down so as to gauge when you are running to the edge of a ledge and then at the last moment jump. It works for me anyhow..

Can't answer you're question re: progressive though - sorry :confused:


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